Wet Stars

Wet Stars by Hendrik Johnsson Photography
Wet Stars, a photo by Hendrik Johnsson Photography on Flickr.

I took this shot last weekend with my macro lens. I went to a park near me and searched for cool things to shot in detail. I came across this spiderweb in which little raindrops got caught. I loved this scene and tried my best to capture it.

This is the picture I cam up with and I like the result. The lighting you can see in the drops comes from my ringflash I attached to my lens. The effect it creates enhances the picture in my opinion even further and makes the drops almost look like eyes.

– Hendrik

EM-5, Fashion, Portrait

Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking by Hendrik Johnsson Photography
Colour Blocking, a photo by Hendrik Johnsson Photography on Flickr | sneakers: hummel (snipes)

This is another shot from Venice. Again the Olympus OM-D EM-5. I liked the vibrant colours of the wall interacting with the striking colour of Anja’s shoes. This shot was a non flash set-up and shot just with natural light available on the scene.

– Hendrik