EM-5, Portrait


EM-5, 20 mm, f1.7, ISO 200, 1/40s

This shot was part of a little low-key serie I took from myself. I just got my second flash and wanted to try it out. On youtube I found an interesting video on low-key photography and wanted to test it myself. For this I used an all black background that absorbed all the spreading light from the flashes and underexposed the shot to eliminate the remaining available light. With this settings I could work on the lighting setup and end up using one flash shooting at a 45 degree angle from the reight and one flash shooting at my back creating the seperation between me and the background. In post I darken it a bit and put in some claritiy as well as sharpness to create this grittier look. Hope you like it. Every comment appreciated 🙂

– Hendrik