EM-5, Portrait, Street/Landscape


EM-5, 75 mm, f1.8, ISO 800, 1/15s

This was one of my first shots with the EM-5 from November 2012. I took this one with the 75mm M.Zuiko. Normally I would not consider this the ideal street photography lens but the result blow me away every time. The lens’ image renderings are always super sharp, detailed, contrasty with a lovely bokeh which this shot displays very well. With this shot you can see how well the IS system in the EM-5 works. With a 75mm lens (150mm full frame) you would normally need a shutter speed of 1/150s to get sharp images, with the EM-5 clearly 1/15s are sufficient. Amazing stuff 🙂

– Hendrik


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