EM-5, Street/Landscape


In the following post I am going to show you some of the pictures I took in Venice this spring. It’s a beautiful and unique city with things to photograph every few meters.  I came home with loads photos and the decision which ones I wanted to upload was very hard. The following pictures are a selection of the best ones.  Hope you’ll enjoy.

Stormy Weather
EM-5, 9-18mm, f4.0, ISO 200, 1/1250s

I took this shot from one of the boats as we shipped accross the Canal Grande. It was taken with the 9-18mm lens.  I am very happy with the final result since that day was very cloudy with haveing almost no structure in the sky.  Fortunately I was able to recover some of the contrast in the clouds which adds definition to the sky.

Open Sea
EM-5, 20mm, f5.6, ISO 200, 1/1600s

This shot, as the first photo, was taken from a boat.  The boats were great for taking pictures because of the unique views you got of the city.  With this shot I like especially the open view and the traffic you see on the Canal.

EM-5, 20mm, f5.6, ISO 200, 1/250s

This shot was taken in Murano.  It is one of the smaller islands around Venice and famous for its glass works. It is a nice island and not as crowded as Venice.

Canal Grande
EM-5, 20mm, f1.7, ISO 800, 1/10s

I took this shot from the Rialto Bridge at night.  The bridge was so crowded with photographers all equipped with their tripods. That time I was very happy to have my OM-D with me with the 5-axis Image Stabilization system.  It worked flawlessly and helped me to get this shot without the use of a tripod.

Lone Walker
EM-5, 20mm, f1.7, ISO 200, 1/640s

This was just a fast street capture. Anja and me came across an alley where this woman walked through.  The sun shining bright creating this nice high contrast image with strong shadows and light. I really like this shot.

– Hendrik


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